Saturday, January 7, 2012

Another Christmas Story

On Christmas Eve morning, Grandpa drove to Fort Wayne to pick up Emma and Adrian.  Andy still lives in Arizona and did not come home for Christmas.  We were so excited to have Emma and Adrian with us this year.  While they were driving back to our house, I was cooking and getting ready for everyone to arrive.

As soon as they entered the door and gave me a big hug, their question was: "When can we open the presents?"
I assured them that opening presents was on the agenda.  First we had to eat breakfast.  They let me know that they were not one bit hungry and could go right to the opening part!  I stuck to my guns and said, "That's okay, you don't have to eat, but everyone else is going to eat and you can wait until they are done."

Next, Emma sat by the tree and found presents for her.  She then asked, "How about if I just open one now?"
Again, I said, "After everyone eats breakfast, we will open the presents."

Soon Adrian had his plan.  He said, "My stomach doesn't feel good.  I don't want any breakfast."
Again, I said, "That's okay, maybe you can eat some fruit."  He agreed to that.

I then got them busy adding comments to the patio window with the glass crayons.  They had wonderful messages:
Adrian's said: "Merry Christmas to the presents"
Emma's said: "I love you guys!"

Soon everyone was here and the eating began.  Adrian ended up eating not just fruit but fruit pizza, bacon and other stuff too.  It did take him awhile to realize he might as well presents for awhile.
We were so glad they were able to be part of the family celebration this year.  We were also glad that we had gotten to see Andy just a month before!

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