Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A Christmas Update

It has been so long since I have had a chance to add to this blog.  This is the last day of our vacation so I decided if I wanted to add something it had better be now.  I want to share some pictures of all the grandkids so you can see how much they've grown!

Here's our two oldest: Ty is now 16 and loves to wrestle.  Lane is 13 and loves all sports.  Both are great, big brothers!

Here we are with Emma & Adrian.  She is 10 and he is 7.  They tease and have fun. Both are great leggo fans!
Here we are with Kiann and Graham.  Kiann is 13 and Graham is one.  Kiann loves to wrestle, play golf and soccer. Graham loves Mickey Mouse! He is also a pretty good dancer, he loves music!

This is Jay & Angie with Audrey and Mallory.  Audrey is three and Mallory just turned one. Audrey loves to sing. She loves to just have a great time doing anything!  Mallory loves her baby dolls.

Bamlaku is one and he loves to eat.  His favorite word is "Mor"!

 This is Meron with Audrey.  They are best pals! Meron is three. She loves to smile and pose for pictures.  If she is in a bad mood, but sees a camera pointed at her, she will smile in an instant!
Shelby is a little mother.  She is 10 and is great with the little ones.  You can always find her entertaining them and helping them put on some sort of production!

There you have all eleven grandkids.  Oh, wait a minute...our other news!  This year we are going to add one more to make it an even dozen.  Isn't that GREAT news?  Thanks to the parents, Todd and Beth!

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